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At Dunaway Business Law, we are proud that our client relationships have been long, warm and profitable for the client. But don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about us. Most would be happy to get on the phone with you and describe our impact on their business.

"Rob Dunaway has been our Go-to attorney for thirteen years. In fact, he's more like a partner. Rob  is also on deck to advise our startups. He is knowledgeable, willing, and able to help. A true venture attorney, he tries to get deals done. Stealthmode was so lucky to discover him."

Francine Hardaway, Stealthmode Partners 

"Rob Dunaway has been invaluable in helping me and my business partners create lasting legal strategies and structures in each of my four different startups. He  sees the big picture, and the legal strategies he put in place in during our first few meetings are still protecting my businesses five years later. Rob is also one of those rare attorneys that can bridge the gap between a startup's legal needs, and the necessity to move quickly in business. He is exceptional at helping entrepreneurs at every level navigate the difficult path from concept to exit, and is the attorney you still like at the end of the journey".

 Michael Edwards, Incentive Logic, Inc.

"When starting a new venture, Rob Dunaway is the right choice. Corporation and investment legal documentation is one thing, but Rob's consultation was the foundation for my first start-up success.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural business sense that makes him to excel at getting deals done  I consider him a critical member of my team."

"My partner and I went to Rob with nothing but an idea and no idea how to develop it or what we needed to do to start a business.  He was a fountain of experience and good humor, and gave us confidence in the possibilities of our idea.  He then helped us form our company, advised us on product design and made sure we protected our idea with a trademark application. Within a few months, we had sold our first unit. Our company never would have got off the ground without Rob's help and encouragement."

"Rob has represented our various companies and investments in a number of different industries such as oil and gas, real estate and financial services. He brings a great blend of strategic thinking and business law experience to the table."

"I am a successful serial entrepreneur and Rob has been a valuable part of my team for years.  He is a skilled attorney, a pleasure to work with and will put your business on the road to success starting with the very first meeting."

 Roberto Guerrieri, EquipRent LLC

Phil Tomczyk, CEO, Cave Creek Investment Properties, LLC

 Teena Booth, Sensitivity Chip LLC

Ian Lopatin, CEO,

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