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We offer a comprehensive array of legal services for your business at a cost you can afford.  

Compensation Plan

Confidentiality Agreement 

Consulting Agreement

Copyright Assignment or License  Agreement

Corporate Governance Agreements


Deferred Compensation Plan 

Development Agreement 

Director Agreement 

Director Compensation Plan 

Distribution Agreement

Earn Out Agreements

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Stock Purchase Plan 

Employment Contract 

End User License Agreement

Equipment Lease

Equity Participation Plan

Escrow Agreement 

Exchange Agreement

Exclusivity Agreement

Founders Formation Agreement

Guaranty Agreement

Incentive Agreements & Plans

Indemnity Agreemens 

Installment Purchase Agreement

Invention Agreement


Research Contract

Sales Contracts

Services Agreements

Shareholders Agreements

      . . .    And Many More

Advertising Contracts


Agency Agreement 

Allocation Agreement 


Arbitration Agreement 



Articles of Incorporation

Asset Management Agreement

Asset Purchase or Transfer Agreement

Asset Transfer Agreement

Assignment Agreement 

Assumption Agreement

Bonus Agreement 

Bridge Loan Agreement 


Letter of Intent 

License Agreement 

Loan Agreement 


Management Agreements 

Manufacturing Contract 

Marketing Agreement 

Merger Agreement 

Non-Compete Agreement 

Non-Disclosure Agreement 

Note/Note Purchase Agreement

OEM Agreement 


Offer Letter

Proprietary Information Agreement

Recapitalization Agreement

Reorganization Agreement 

Repurchase Agreements 

Business Plans



Business Strategy

Start Up Counseling

Entity Organization

Intellectual Property

Trademarks & Copyrights

Mergers & Acquisitions

Partnership Agreements

Venture Capital


Sales & Marketing Strategy

Negotiation Strategy

Forming Corporations

Forming LLCs

Private Investment

By Laws

Business Separation Agreements

Buy Sell Agreement

Articles of Incorporation

Collaboration Agreements

Investment Agreements

Investment Plan

Investors’ Rights Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Patent License Agreement


Procurement Contract 

Profit Sharing Plan 

Promissory Notes

Proxy Agreements

Purchase Agreements

Property Management Services Agreements

Rob Dunaway,  Founder of Dunaway Business Law

"Through many years of experience drafting contracts and agreements for all types of businesses, we know which terms and clauses need to be included for different industries.  We have a library of finely-tuned document templates, which means a lot of the work is already done.  We end up billing for less time and that saves our clients a lot of money."  

Why We Cost Less










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